Neurology Kenya
The East African Development Bank’s Medical Training and Fellowship Programme (METAF) is an EADB initiative to build capacity in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda in the fields of neurology and oncology.

EADB’s mission is to promote sustainable social-economic development in East Africa by providing development finance support and advisory services. Through the Medical Training and Fellowship (METAF) Programme, EADB aims to increase capacity towards early detection, research and access to treatment of cancer and neurological disorders by increasing the number, quality and deployment of medical doctors in public service with specialty training in the treatment cancer and neurological disorders in the East Africa region, especially in communities and areas where access to qualified professionals remains a challenge.

EADB is working in partnership with the British Council to manage and deliver the METAF Programme and with the Royal College of Physicians as the technical partner.

Closing Dates: - To be confirmed

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  • The East African Development Bank (EADB)
  • The British Council - Delivery Partner
  • The Royal College of Physicians - Technical Partne